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About Me

Irma_12My goal is to structure financing tailored to your specific situation and goals. With over 50+ lenders and private funding sources, not only can I assist good credit clients to obtain the best program’s and rate’s in the market, but I specialize in helping those who are self employed and don’t show enough taxable income to qualify for a standard traditional mortgage while still obtaining AAA rates for them, helping those individuals who have had credit issues, late payments, open debts, collections, judgments or bankruptcy.

The House of Mortgage Experts (H.O.M.E) offers more than 50 years of mortgage management experience, unmatched mortgage funding and debt management services.   It is through their support and my dedication, that I am able to offer my clients the opportunity to find the right solution for their mortgage and debt management needs.

Working together with high performing real estate agents, and other qualified financial service professionals, I offer an extended network of expertise to help find the right solution that works for you, and to help you meet your business and personal financial goals.  Contact me today to learn more about the mortgage products and services that are available to help make your dreams a reality.

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About H.O.M.E

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H.O.M.E is comprised of the most experienced, knowledgeable, ethical, and dedicated Mortgage Professional teams in Canada. H.O.M.E is a member of the Verico Group, the largest broker network in Canada, with access to over 50 lenders, including Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions, and National Lenders.

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Why a Mortgage Agent ?  Why H.O.M.E ?


A mortgage agent gives you, our client the benefits of someone who works for you and your best interests.  Mortgage Brokers have the ability to look for the correct mortgage for you no matter which lender that may be.  We do not represent one lender, we represent 45 plus!  We take your application at your convenience and where you are most comfortable, whether it is in your office, home or our office, the experience is centered around what is best for you, our client.

We look to represent you for the life of your mortgage and give you the opportunity to shop without leaving your arm chair?

Most mortgage agents work with their portfolio of clients whether you are a first time home buyer,buying a second home, using your mortgage to increase your investment portfolio or becoming mortgage free faster, we can help you.  We are here to quarterback the experience of home ownership and form an ongoing relationship that makes decisions easy and beneficial for you.

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